Pink Opal Gemstone: Meaning, History, Symbolism, Uses And More

Pink Opal Gemstone: Meaning, History, Symbolism, Uses And More

The Pink Opal is a variety of opal gemstone which is impervious and which does not depict the fire elements as other precious opals do. The hue of this beautiful gemstone ranges from bright baby pink to pink white and lavender. They are often referred to as the “Peppermint Candy Stone” because of their color resemblances to candies.

Peru is one such country that is known to produce the brightest and magnificent specimens of this eye-catching Pink Opal Gemstone. Apart from Peru, this majestic gemstone can be easily found in various South American countries, Australia, and even the USA. To keep the vibrant color of the opals intact it is necessary to keep them safe from the direct sunlight as they have water within. If they come in direct contact with sunlight the chances are your stone will become dry, brittle, and eventually split up.

Pink Opal As A Gemstone:

It is one such crystal that is known across the world for its exalted qualities and healing properties. Apart from its alluring hue people are attracted to this stone because of its benefits which are mentioned below.

This magnificent gemstone is an influential crystal for an individual especially when it comes in direct touch with the heart of the gemstone holder it stimulates and exposes the heart chakra and boosts the gemstone holder’s aura with serene and tranquil vibrations. It is an idol stone to be carried by a person who is struggling with any type of gloominess, especially any sort of heartbreak or ache with their loved ones. The nugget will provide you with emotional strength in case someone is going through a rough time in their relationship, breakup, or has lost someone near and dear to their heart. The crystal instigates an individual to look inside and enables an individual to strengthen and build up their connection with inner self thereby enabling them to emerge as strong individuals.

This strengthening property of the crystal imparts to us that everyone is self-reliant and doesn’t need to be so much dependent on their loved ones for love. It instills a sense of independence in every possessor of this crystal by depicting how sturdy is their heart. By instigating an individual to look within and motivating them to improve themselves, it removes emotional strain from an individual’s heart and mind making them much happier and healthier.

Amongst the various varieties of opals such as black, white, fire opal, matrix opal, etc., it is known as the stone of “spiritual awakening” because of the influential and tranquil vibration it exhibits. It is also known for its healing properties as it helps in alleviating the pain and rejuvenating an individual’s aura and emotional body. It cleans out one’s heart and helps in accepting the reality which might be oppressing on the individual, to help them move forward and excel in their life.

The use of gemstones has increased considerably to ease mental and physical discomfort. Though these healing stones or gemstones do not replace professional treatment, they do counterpart the professional treatment. The precious opals are regarded as the strongest soul stones as they improve the quality of life and support spontaneous action. It is said that the darker the hue of the gemstone the more qualities it reveals. According to the Moh scale of hardness, the pink opal has a hardness of 6-7 and mineralogically it belongs to the family of opal quartz.

This gemstone is available in various forms and shapes like a rough stone, flatterer, pyramid, pendant, doughnut, ball, necklace, and various others. Like various other opals, pink opal also falls in the upper price range category.


Opal owes its origin millions of years ago when silica and water amalgamated and flowed into the fissure and spaces in the ground, which eventually hardened and solidified to become opal. They are hardened silica gel containing 5-10% water within them, therefore opals are classified as non-crystalline. They are classified into two categories viz precious and common opals. The precious opals are the ones that radiate the lustrous color of the stone. Whereas, the latter are the ones that are often opaque and do not radiate the color of the stone. Precious opals occur in a great range and varieties of color such as white, black, blue, pink, fire opal, etc. of which Peruvian blue opal and pink opal are extensive ones.

The pink opals were first discovered by accident in the year 1849 and the mining of this stone started in the year 1890. Presently around 3000 sites all over the world are known for the mining of opals such as Ethiopia, New Zealand, Germany, Madagascar, Turkey, Mexico, Russia, and various others. However, in Australia alone, about 95% of the total pink opals are mined. In 1672 the largest opal ever was found in Slovakia which weighs around 600gms and has been kept in the Imperial treasury of Vienna since then.

Pink Opal Facts:

  1. Inspiration Stone:
    It is referred to as a stone of inspiration as it provides inspiration and motivates to bring out the best version of oneself. It enhances the creativity, imagination and memory of an individual by eradicating all the negative thoughts from an individual’s mindset.
  2. Bring Happiness:
    It is known to bring happiness in life by amplifying feelings, emotions, desires, love and passion which leads to free visualization, clear and creative imagination enabling to live your life with a carefree, holistic and positive attitude.
  3. Heals Heart and Heart Chakra:
    It is best suited for people who are very sensitive, loving and who are going through heartbreak. As it clears and calms the heart chakra to inculcate a sense of love, peace, happiness and tranquillity in one’s halo. It also aids in soothing the heart and stabilizing irregular heartbeat if any.
  4. Meditation:
    It is also believed that meditating or sleeping with this gemstone helps in forgetting about any sorrow, painful commemoration or nightmares by attracting gentle, loving and positive vibrations. Meditating with this crystal enables the possessor of the crystal to reach higher levels of meditation by focusing on oneself.
  5. Dissipating Stress:
    They are the best crystals for people who are going through depression and anxiety as they help in dissipating stress by imparting positivity and wellness in their lives and aura, thereby making them all the more centred and calm.
  6. Enhance Functioning:
    It enhances the functioning of lungs and ensures whether proper utilization of oxygen is being done in the body or not. Beliefs are that they are excellent stones for people who are dealing with respiratory problems.

Meaning And Symbolism:

Since ancient times, they have been regarded as protective stones. As per Greek mythology, the opal captures the tears of Zeus, the highest Greek God. Already in antiquity, they were used as soul stones for the insight of real love. This glorious stone derived its name from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language. The word gem is known as “Upala” in Sanskrit therefore this beauty is referred to as opal.

The reason why this crystal shimmers in vibrant gorgeous rainbow color is because of the dried silica which results in the formulation of tiny water balls. They usually vary in their appearance depending on the type of trace element present in them such as silver, cobalt, or copper.


Various uses are associated with this meticulous stone some of which are stated below:

Health Benefits:

  • It is a real pick-me-up when it comes to dealing against depression and helps in recognizing dales love.
  • It promises the joy of life to its owner by combating against worries, anxiety and inhibitions.
  • It ensures the proper functioning of enzymes and acts as an amazing curative stone for the digestive system of the human body by stimulating the gastric glands and helps enhance the metabolism of the body.
  • It is highly effective in the prevention of anaemia and leukaemia and also prevents worm infestation.
  • It is often placed on sexual chakra while meditation as it provides spontaneity and strengths with the desire for sexuality and eroticism.

Wealth And Prosperity:

As this stone enables one to focus on their inner self, it helps realize what your strengths and weakness are and how you can enhance them and use them for your betterment. Wearing this stone will help you make wise decisions in life especially work-wise which in return will bring in wealth and prosperity in your life. It will also provide the wearer with much more energy and strength that will help you conquer work challenges and obligations successfully.

Zodiac Stone:

This gemstone can be worn by everyone no matter what their zodiac signs as it does not harm anyone. It is a lucky stone for people who have Cancer, Libra, and Pisces as their zodiac sign. It brings harmony and happiness in the lives of the people with Cancer, Libra, and Pisces as their zodiac signs.

Pink Opal Jewellery:

To keep your precious gemstones in a proper condition it is essential to periodically clean them with lukewarm clear water. The stone should not be kept in water for a long time as it will result in the breakage of the gemstone. It is done so to remove all the negative energies from the stone. To preserve its power it is recommended to keep the crystal with tumbled stone to ensure a continuation of the positive characteristics. The stone should be worn in such a manner that it touches your skin such as a necklace, pendant, ring, amulet, charm, or bracelet which are now days easily available in the market all over the world.

Pink Opal Jewelry
Pink Opal Jewelry

Tips For Maintaining Pink Opal Jewellery:

To make your striking jewelry last for a longer time it is essential to look after it. As it is very important to prevent your precious crystal from scratches you need to look after your pink opal with care. The possessor of this crystal should avoid keeping this majestic gemstone in any type of oil or any other harsh chemical as it may result in losing some of its influential properties. As they contain 20% of water within them they should not be kept in vaults for a long time as they tend to decolor it. They should not get very dry as they are inclined to break and devalue them, to make them last for a longer time avoid keeping opals near anything that is potentially dry. Immersing them in water for several hours now and then to keep them moist and shiny.

Pink Opal Gemstone Jewelry
Pink Opal Gemstone Jewelry

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