Pink Pearl Stone: Meaning, Properties, Powers, Facts, Uses

Pink Pearl Stone: Meaning, Properties, Powers, Facts, Uses

Pearls are hard, gleaming objects produced within the mantle i.e. the soft tissue of a shelled mollusc and other animals and even in fossils such as conulariids. They are composed of calcium carbonate in crystalline form which has been deposited in concentric layers over the years. The pearls are usually round and smooth but it may occur in other shapes also such pearls are referred to as baroque pearls. Over the centuries, the pearls which are finest in quality are referred to as gemstones and have been used as beauty stones for over a decade. Pink pearl is a vibrant color variety of pearl gemstone.

This beautiful stone occurs in various vibrant colors like white, gold, pink, brown, silver, cream, green, blue, black, red, purple, and various others. The pearls which occur spontaneously in the desolated area are known as natural pearls. They are the most valued but are extremely rare to find which makes them treasured and valuable gems. The cultured pearls come from pearl oysters and freshwater shellfish. This type of pearl constitutes the mainstream of those that are currently sold as they are inexpensive and look similar to natural ones. These precious pearls are very expensive whereas imitation or cultured pearls are inexpensive and are widely used in artificial jewelry. The quality of radiance in these imitation pearls is usually very poor and can be easily distinguished from that of genuine pearls. The use of pearls has not been just restricted to jewelry they are used in adorning clothes, cosmetics, medicines, and paint formulations.

Pink Pearl Jewelry


This magnificent gemstone got its name “pearl” from the Middle English word “ Perle” which came from the Latin word “Perna” which means “leg” because of the ham-leg shape of the bivalve mollusc. The pearls are organic precious gemstones that are created by shelled molluscs precisely by bivalved oysters and mussels. They are made up of nacre which consists of aragonite and conchiolin.

The naturally occurring pearls are extremely rare, expensive and typically small. However, people have invented different ways of culturing pearls, so that these stunningly beautiful gemstones can be enjoyed by everyone and not just the elite class. The pearls are considered as the most beautiful gemstone as they can be easily plucked from the shell naturally with perfect lustre and doesn’t need to be cut or polished.
Initially, pearls were harvested in the Persian Gulf, Sri Lankan waters, freshwater in China, European Rivers and South America. In the early 20th century when these natural pearls started to deplete, Chinese and Japanese started to culture pearls. As natural pearls are extremely rare to find they remain treasured adornment, therefore, they are cultured all over the world.


Pearls have a unique lustre that primarily depends on the reflection, refraction and diffraction of light from the luminous layers. This unique lustre of pearls makes them beautiful, shiny and most demanded gemstone amongst all. The thinner and more numbers of layers in the pearl, the finner is its lustre. The opalescence that pearls have is because of the overlying of consecutive layers which split up the light dwindling on the external surface making them shiny and radiant. The cultured pearls can be dyed in various vibrant colours such as yellow, pink, green, black, brown, purple, blue and others. The pearls which have a metallic mirror-like lustre are the best and very much demanded pearls.


As there are two types of pearls natural and cultured, it sometimes becomes difficult to identify whether it is a real or imitation pearl. The natural pearls can be easily identified with their pearly lustre and when they are gently rubbed against the teeth a slightly rough-surfaced textured can be perceived whereas the imitation pearls surface feel smooth. Both natural and imitation pearl surface appearance is similar but the thickness of imitation pearls is generally higher in comparison to that of natural pearls. Next time while investing your money in natural pearls see to it that you are not being conned by the seller.


Across the globe, pearls are found and cultured in water. The natural sea pearls are found in different parts of the world such as Australia, Gulf of Manaar, Coast of Madagascar, Japan, Central America, the Persian Gulf, Burma, South Pacific Islands, South America and Philippines. Whereas natural river pearls are found in North America, Europe and Asia.

The sources of cultured seawater pearls are Southeast Asia, China, Polynesia, French, South Pacific Islands, Japan and the Philippines. Whereas the sources of cultured freshwater pearls are China and Japan. The natural pearl gemstone which is found in the Indian Ocean is known as Basra Pearl also known as Basra Moti in the Indian language.


This bewitching gemstone is available in a variety of colours such as white, blue, pink, golden, brown, green, silver, cream and black. Good quality pearls have smooth and blemish-free surfaces with a suitable layer of nacre to increase the durability of the pearl. The pearls are available in different shapes such as round, oval, misshapen and pear-shaped. The symmetrical spheres or drops are the most valuable and demanded shapes. The size of a pearl usually ranges from 2 mm to 16 mm in diameter. The imitated pearls are often bleached to lighten and augment their colour to achieve a uniform coloured pearl to be used in manufacturing artificial jewelry pieces such as necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings, etc.


Pink pearls signify purity, honesty, wisdom, prosperity, integrity and spiritual transformation in the life of the owner. It helps an individual with spiritual guidance, advance state of wisdom and self-acceptance by lifting your spirit to make you feel calm and beautiful.

It boosts up the self-esteem of an individual to make them walk with pride and dignity. The shabby and rough grain of sand is gradually transformed into an object of great value and exquisiteness. This bewitching gemstone not only makes an individual beautiful from the inside but outside also. It symbolizes innocence and a pure heart to help get happiness from the sweet and simple incidents of life.
It grants its wearer with extraordinary foresightedness, wellness and prevents them from the evil eye, commercial risk and health issues. It is also known as a “stone of sincerity” due to its metaphysical properties.


The pearls have been used as a healing stone for treating ailments related to the digestive tract, muscular system and skin for over a decade now. Apart from this the powder and potions containing pearls have been established to help improve fertility as well as ease the discomforts of the birthing process. It is also used in treating the anger and anxiety issues of an individual.

The Chinese have been dependent on this lustrous gemstone for centuries for its healing properties. Pearls have been used by them in treating everything be it a simple eye ailment, a serious heart problem, fever or indigestion they have used it in healing everything. Even today Chinese use pearl powder as a skin whitener and pearl based cosmetics to keep their skin glowing and healthy. They are very effective in controlling skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.

As it provides with inner peace and calmness it is very effective in treating health issues associated with skin, spleen, heart and mind. It calms the mind of an individual and prevents panic attacks by promoting mental stability.

It is also believed that pearls are very useful in boosting sexual desires, strengthening visual insight, and healing ear diseases. It is beneficial for the heart, lungs, liver, urinary system, and kidneys, therefore, can be worn by anyone who is facing problems in any of the above organs.

It is an excellent healing gemstone as it neutralizes poison, lowers acidity, and provides instant relief in bloating and biliousness conditions.


Pearl is the birthstone for the people who are born in June and is the zodiac stone for the people with Gemini and Cancer as their zodiac signs. Apart from these people, it can be worn by anyone as it doesn’t have any side effect, it brings positivity in everyone’s life. Pearl is a remarkable stone because of its healing properties and lustrous look.


Apart from being the healing stone it also helps in balancing the different chakras of the body. Pearls help in balancing hormones improves mood and attitude. It helps in meditating thereby improving the spiritual level of an individual. While meditating with this stone helps in improving concentration, it also relieves from any sort of nervousness and reduces stress from lives.

Pearls are very helpful in balancing and healing different chakras such as Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra which are found outside your body. The Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra are the most vibrant Chakras of the human body; therefore, their well-being is essential for a healthy individual.

The Sacral Chakra is the gatekeeper for the energy when cleaned and energized it helps in the social, physical and emotional healing of the body. The Heart Chakra helps trail love in life. This chakra showers an individual with love and happiness when cleaned and nourished. A clean and healthy heart chakra helps us feel loved, nurtured and will also strengthen up relations with others. Pink pearls work exceptionally well in nurturing heart and sacral chakra, probably that is the reason why this pearl is in great demand in comparison to others.


Every gemstone has certain hidden facts which make that crystal stand out from the others.

  1. Enhancing its owner’s charm: Apart from being a royal beauty gemstone for centuries, the pink pearl is also used to enhance its owner’s charm. It is the gemstone that improves the charm of the owner comprehensively. The crystal provides its owner with their original attractiveness. Wearing this gemstone as a necklace, pendant, amulet, bracelet, charms, rings, earrings will help you have the pleasure of being loved.
  2. Enhance mental power: It provides you with the strength of mind that won’t let you get weak by the negative energy or vibes around you. It is a good gemstone to help you achieve your life goals by keeping you motivated and focused.
  3. Key to a good life: From ancient times pearls have been considered as the symbol of luck and wealth. Wearing this gemstone as an amulet, charm or ring will bring in prosperity, success and happiness in your life thereby making your life more fruitful.
  4. Used in jewellery: This magnificent gemstone is used in jewellery pieces like necklaces, bracelets, charms, amulets, rings, earrings, pendants anklet, etc. The jewellery pieces made with this pearl is very popular as it is a very pleasing yet attractive gemstone and is available at a fairly reasonable price.
  5. Warding off evil spirits: Pink pearl helps clear your aura and the negative vibes around you which can be a hindrance in your good luck. The gemstone helps get you out from a slump of luck and bring in good luck and prosperity.
  6. Enhance inspiration: The gemstone facilitates you to create new things by empowering you with new ideas, invention, inspiration and motivation to create or plan something new.


Initially, pearls were associated with royal families as it was extremely expensive and rare to find but with the increasing demand and production of imitation pearls, it is now easily available in the market. Amongst the different types of pearls, pink pearls are the most fascinating gemstone. The mesmerizing hue of this gemstone makes everyone crave it. We at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. manufacture enthralling jewelry pieces which are exquisite and beautifully handcrafted. We have been dealing in this business for over a decade and all we want is to deliver reliable yet fashionable jewelry items to all our customers all over the world.

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