Happy Raksha Bandhan 2022

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2022

There are a variety of occasions that celebrate the relationship between humans. For example, mother’s day and father’s day are exact indications of such celebrations. But here we in India celebrate the relationship between the siblings through the festival called Raksha Bandhan. Each year the sisters try to purchase the best Rakhi for their brothers to mark the occasion together. If you are looking forward to sending Rakhi worldwide for your brother working in an external station, you can contact any of the online websites available in the current market. Let us now look at the festival of Raksha Bandhan and how we celebrate it.

What is Raksha Bandhan?

Some people in the southern part of India might wonder about this festival and try to find the Raksha Bandhan meaning and celebration techniques In reality, it is nothing, but a function celebrated to acknowledge the relationship between a brother and sister through sweets, beautiful Rakhi, new dresses, and some Puja that will extend the life of both brother and sister for a long time. If you are searching for a perfect Rakhi 2022, then go for the online websites since they have more collections than the other shops in the market.

Raksha Bandhan Meaning

This Hindu ritual shows the unique bond between the siblings. We celebrate it as a part of the story e from Mahabharat, where Draupadi tied a part of her saree to Krishna’s bleeding finger to stop the pain. The piece of cloth created a unique bond of brother and sister between Krishna and Draupadi that lasted until they died. So each year, Hindus follow Raksha Bandhan as a tradition where the sister gives Rakhi gifts for brother, while he gives the best Rakhi gift for the sister as things that she loves the most.

Jewelry Gift for The Sisters

This festival is a celebration of the eternal bond formed between two spiritual figures. Sharing Raksha Bandhan gift among each other is pretty general in the current traditions. You can now wish happy Raksha Bandhan to your brother living outside the country by visiting any Rakhi online websites and sending it through their delivery service.

Rakhi gifts for the sisters

Types of Rakhees in 2022

2022 has been a year that has been special for most people, not just because of the huge celebration but also because it is the first time that people are celebrating after two long years of the pandemic. Show the sisters are going all out on spending their money to make it unique for their brothers. There is a variety of Rakhi in 2022 introduced into the market. Among them, few have gained more advantages because of their unique designs and beautiful color combinations. Let us look at the Raksha Bandhan gifts and Raksha Bandhan 2022 Rakhi collections available.

Thread Model

This thread is the basic model of Rakhi collections available in the market. Comprising a wide range of woolen and cotton, they weave threads in unique designs to provide the best rakhi for brother, both younger and elders. There are a variety of online Raksha Bandhan rakhi stores available. Among them, the threat models have been quite common. If you want a traditional color collection, red and yellow will be auspicious. But for a modern outlook, you can choose other color combinations like blue, green, purple, and many others to support it. These Rakhis are available in simple threads with no addition of metal or extra accessories. The price of these products is cheaper and you can purchase them from anywhere. You can also create your own do-it-yourself Rakhi at home with this model.

Silver Model Collections

If you want to make the occasion special, you can go for these Silver designs that are unique from the other traditional collections. We can use them for Raksha Bandhan in 2023 and many more years to come. It is the best way to express to your brother how much you love him. Since silver is a decent metal, it is available in the affordable price range on most online websites. There are a variety of designer Rocky collections available in the market and among them, silver plays a role, especially the ones that are modeled to look like a bracelet. They are valuable, simple, and easy to wear with formal costumes.

Silver Rakhi Collections

There is no written rule that only red and yellow must tie on your brother’s hand. There are many silver rakhi collections involving silver, including small circular pendants, beautiful animalistic characters, cartoon characters, and God. You can also engrave some writings on the silver bracelet and gift them to your brothers. There are many designs available, and you can also add the letters and names of your sibling along with the bracelet.

The online Rakhi stores offer you a chance to wish your brother a happy Raksha Bandhan from a distance.

Online Wholesale Rakhi Store

Eco-Friendly Rakhi

The best Rakhi gift for your brother and nature is eco-friendly and made up of decomposable materials like wool. They are like the regular products you purchase from any shop. But when thrown away they can decompose easily without affecting the environment. From time to time, with festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Raksha Bandhan, many ways pollute the environment. We have always included Diwali as an environmentally hazardous occasion. So let us make this year’s Rakhi festival better by purchasing these eco-friendly options for your brother. If your brother has an allergy to dye and other chemical components, it is useful. It is natural and better for both your health and environmental health. It goes well with most traditional costumes, and their collections are available on multiple online websites.

Cartoon Models

This design might seem childish to people who are grown up. But if you have a brother of fewer than seven years, this cartoon Rakhi is one of a kind to them. They are the best and come along in a variety of designs. You can purchase the favorite cartoon character of your brother or sister and prepare a model that they might love for this year. Remember, your brother is growing, and they might not love these funky collections for a long time. So buy them while you still can. There are also some models with light-up features that make them unique and beautiful. You can also purchase them and use them for this year’s Friendship Day and other festivals. Many online showrooms offer a variety of such collections, and you can place the order in single or bulk, depending on your requirement.

Photo-Based Collections

If you are looking forward to purchasing a perfect Rakhi that says happy Raksha Bandhan to your brother without meeting them, these photo models are the best. You are the center of the product has a picture of you and your brother together. It is unnecessary to have images of your brother and you, but you can choose any other photo you want on the surface. It makes a beautiful collection that your brother can add to their list of unique Rakhis you can give to them. They remember their love for their sister on this day. So this design will do the same, and they can keep it as a souvenir for a long time.

Lumba Collections

When you search for the best Raksha Bandhan 2022 Rakhi collections, you might have to consider these Lumba models since they are statically pleasing and made with many combinations, including Mirrors, colored sequins, and danglers. The Rajasthan used most of these items to wear on the year sister-in-law’s or sisters’ hands. So if you are looking forward to buying a perfect collection for your brother, consider the other models below since this is only for the sisters. But the design is unique, and you can wear it anytime. The danglers make it a perfect combination for many costumes, including the traditional lehengas.

Seed Collections

The seed collections are the best option for the Rakhi festival 2022. It is also a form of eco-friendly and also natural when compared to the other models. They comprise seeds with designs in the center, followed by beautiful and colorful cotton or yarn surrounding them. Nowadays, more environmentally-friendly collections are available that allow you to plant seeds after the festival so that they will grow into beautiful plants. This model will serve as a reminder of your relationship and the affection you share with your siblings. It is one of the best Rakshabandhan gifts you can give your brother or sister this year, especially after the hectic pandemic schedule.

Jewelry Models

These models are not just used for Rakshabandhan purposes, but you can also wear them after the festival as an accessory. Your sibling can wear them as long as they want to you with these beautiful jewelry collections. They comprise many materials, ranging from bras to expensive metals like gold. The gold band rakhee is very rare, and sometimes you can gift it to your brother so they can wear it like a bracelet for a long time. Most of them are custom-made with the designs the sister prefers the most. You can purchase online or approach a nearby jewelry showroom for customization options. They are available in intricate designs and can serve as an accessory for the future. Even though the prices are higher, they can be reused and resold whenever required.

Beautiful Ornaments Collections

Kundan Model

If you want to experience and purchase a high-quality design and yet traditional, look at the same time these Kundan models will be the perfect option. Comprising a creative pattern that is available in many designs. It uses a variety of Kundan stones and pearls to provide to celebrate a happy Raksha Bandhan 2022. This year you can go all out on your savings with these beautiful designs that make it perfect for your brother’s hand. If you are looking forward to designing these collections by yourself, then you can easily make any Kundan model Rakhi for your brother with a bit of guidance from the YouTube tutorials available. Most types, except for silver and gold, can be made at home with your hand. Even eco-friendly seed designs fall under the DIY category.

Pearl Collections

When you are going for exotic collections that might make your brother like the design, then the pearl collection is the best option. To celebrate a perfect Raksha Bandhan in 2022, you can choose this model made up of minute pearls with metals placed in which we need to provide authentic design. They are not just beautiful but also have a metal sentence in between that is a grid with multiple quotes Like a Brother, jay Shri Ram, and others. So you can purchase these collections to offer a unique look and to surprise your brother on a special day. They can also wear it regularly, especially with silver strings connecting them at the end.

Pearl Rakhi Collections

Clay Model

Yes, you heard it right. The next one is the clay model, which is simple and can be stored for a long time. You can also decompose that easily in water after usage instead of throwing it away. Similar to the clay Vinayagar statue, this clay model Rakhi is eco-friendly and comes along in a variety of designs that are molded in multiple forms. They do not damage the environment and environmental specialists promoted them.

Stone Model

If you are looking forward to experiencing an exotic design with gemstones and metal, then the stone model Rocky is the best option. Of high-quality metals like silver, gold, and brass, this Rakhi is better than the pearl Rakhis since they use beautiful gemstones within them. You can also customize the collections by inserting your brother’s birthstone as a part of the design. You can purchase them from a jewelry store or any other special place that offers a variety of original quality gemstones.

Stone Rakhis

Divine Models

This model is one of a kind, and it comes with a religious look, like the face of gods shaped into the Rakhi. There are a variety of such collections available in the market. You can purchase them from online stores and offline stores.

These models are available on general wooden surfaces and metal surfaces. If you want to go for a costly model, then you can choose the ones in silver and gold. The outer surface is colored with good quality enamel for a neat appearance. Many of them comprise Creative designs, and you can gift your brothers if they have religious beliefs to a greater extent.

Along with these selections, there are God names written in metals and wooden planks that are available as Rakhis. If you are a person who is looking forward to maintaining an eco-friendly, then the wooden plank will be the better option. Along with the letters, it also contains intricate designs attached to the spring. They are handmade and express the creativity of the person who made them. But if you want a better option, then acrylic and metal are the suitable choices. Being available in colors and patterns, their external path is coated with acrylic colors and can last for a few years before they fade away.

Fancy Rakhi Models

Along with these patterns are also beautiful designers and fancy models you can add to the list. These collections are available in multiple shapes and designs that you might not see in a general Rakhi. They are present as bracelets with some designs integrated into them. There are a variety of excellent designs available in the market and also on online websites. You can purchase any of them for a neat price and experiment for this year’s Rakhi festival.

If you are looking for a model that speaks volumes about your love for your brother, then the fancy model is the best option. From peacocks to budget designs, you can buy them in single or combined charm bracelets for your brother. This year is a celebratory occasion for both brothers and sisters. So put out your heart and expect the best design to fall into your hands through the online portals offered by websites and showrooms like DWS.

Bracelets for Your Brothers
About DWS Jewellery

DWS is one Rakhi Manufacturer that offers a variety of such collections available in metal-based areas. Ranging from a simple silver Rakhi collection to the most prominent gold, you can purchase anything for your brother from online portals. All you need to do is send the design you need with explicit instructions so that our designers will collaborate with the manufacturing experts to provide the Rakhi models you need. So offer wholesale product manufacturing for you to serve in the local markets. For a wide selection of Rakhis, visit our website or mobile application and celebrate a happy rakhee festival. Love your brothers and try to celebrate it with eco-friendly options for a better future. The seeds and clay are a better option and similarly, metals like silvers are good since they can be reused.

Silver Rakhi Manufacturer

We at DWS, are happy to stand by your side and help you celebrate Raksha Bandhan with an option to send Rakhis overseas for your loved ones. So, visit us and send the bands anywhere around the world.

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