Red Onyx Gemstone: Meaning, Power, Facts, Healing Properties

Red Onyx Gemstone: Meaning, Power, Facts, Healing Properties

Why Red Onyx Gemstone, Though?

Red Onyx is not new to wear gemstones to counteract bad luck while bringing good luck and faith in one’s life. It is not used as an ornament to look good but to feel strong inside out. Gemstone has been symbolized as royalty, which is why the royal family members including the king and queen wear gemstones. Even the hunters wear gemstones for good fortune. The metaphysical power of gemstones is undeniable. Different gemstone stimulates different parts of the body.

Some work on a conscious level while others stimulate your subconscious mind. So, it is evident why people across the world have been using gemstones since time immemorial. The effectiveness of gemstones is not a myth. The gemstone is not merely an accessory but something that can work beyond your body and mind. People who have been born under a particular zodiac sign should wear the gemstone which is meant for that very sign.

Red Onyx Stone Though

Myth And Facts Red Onyx Stone

Here is the stone named red onyx which has been used successfully to explore your inner strength. Because of its intense energy and elegant look, it has been popularly used since ancient times. Available in a host of different colors, it has been highly regarded and put on during religious ceremonies. To protect and empower its bearers, red onyx has been used even in shields, armors, and swords. It helps protect the warriors on the battlefield by boosting their willpower and elevating their mood. In many cultures like in Greek and Roman, it has been used to engrave figurines of God and heroes. Onyx is also used to make seals, stamps, and tiles.

The name onyx is mentioned in a wide range of holy scripts and historical manuscripts. Besides, this is the stone that has been mentioned in the Bible. Red onyx history dates back to ancient times. The word onyx is believed to have derived from the Greek word onux. The literal meaning of onux is claw or fingernail. According to the legend, once upon a time Cupid, Roman God of love, slashed off the fingernail of Venus. When the fingernails scattered all over the ground, Cupid turned that heavenly body into flesh-colored gemstones to prevent them from perishing.

This is a type of Chalcedony stone available in white to black in colors. When silica is stored in the steaming lava cavity, this beautiful stone named onyx is formed. Onyx stone exhibits extraordinary bands, which are the characteristics of this stone. Most of the onyx is available in black color but you can also find pink, green, brown, and red color onyx as well. Most of the onyx is found in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, the USA, Madagascar, India, and Afghanistan.

Red Onyx Facts

How Red Onyx Can Fill Your Mind With Positive Energies?

Red onyx stone is believed to be associated with the planet Saturn. This is the birthstone for the zodiac sign Leo. During emotional hardship, this stone can prove to be highly effective. It helps release negative energy while letting positive energy fill your heart. It also protects the wearer from an evil eye. Whether it is past relationships or some mishaps, forgetting everything that happened in the past is the key to a happy life. But sometimes it gets difficult to get over these tormenting memories. Red Onyx gemstone uses can help you move out of the past. Therefore, your concentration would increase, so does your intuition. You would be able to live a balanced life that is filled with positivity. Now, with a red onyx stone, you can easily get access to the supreme power that is dormant within you. You can live the life of your dreams.

Albeit its popularity among a wide range of cultures, there are a few cultures where it is considered a bad luck gemstone. They believe onyx brings bad luck, and sadness, sucks out happiness from people’s life and is responsible for sudden mood swings. It is also beloved to raise anger and difficulty in people’s lives. It is also believed to bring nightmares, altercations, and family disputes. The Chinese believe onyx’s evil power can separate the lovers. But the good news is: these are nothing but myths bred in the mind of superstitious people. And these are nothing but a coincidence. If you are still dubious about wearing onyx, you can embrace sardonyx together with red onyx as that very stone neutralizes the negative effects of onyx while providing you the benefit of onyx.

How Red Onyx Jewelry Can Fit Your Body and Mind

Spiritual Energy

Chakras of your body are like wheels that run on spiritual energy. Proper functioning of chakras can give a stronger body and mind. Unlike most gemstones, red onyx does not affect any particular chakra but all of them at once. This stone uses can open up all the chakras while allowing positive vibes to flow through your entire body. As a result, you feel energetic, vibrant, and lighter. Those who wear onyx with great faith sooner or later realize the red onyx meaning.

With all the chakras of your body working perfectly, your confidence level would increase so much so that you would be able to address a large crowd and get your words across without any fear. People would easily get mesmerized by your personality as you deliver the speech. This eventually would improve your relationship with people as well. This has made red onyx one of the must-have gemstone for the leader.

Start your journey with this stone power. If you are a start-up entrepreneur and planning to start a new business, then red onyx use would be an excellent choice for you. Making the right decision helps an entrepreneur to succeed in the long run. And this gemstone power can help you make the best decision, say experts. Staying aligned with the universe can only put you in the receiving state of good energies, the state in which your body, mind, and spirit receive energies from the universe.

Red Onyx Jewelry is Energyable for your body and mind

Red Onyx Power

Whether you want financial freedom or a strong bonding with your loved ones, you can see everything manifest in front of your very eyes as you embrace red onyx power with complete faith. It goes without saying that the value of undivided attention is the topmost trait that gives you an edge over others. People around you start appreciating because of your outstanding attention span. You become a leader in the realm in which you work. – be it art, science, or business. As you start your journey with this gemstone you feel much more confident and balanced.

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can make you financially free. You can be free from all the worries that people have due to a lack of money. So, if you want to attract money, then holding on to red onyx could be the best option for you. According to Feng Shui, you should use this stone as a paperweight or decorative showpiece. Therefore, the power of this stone would always radiate in and around you if you are unable to wear it.

While planning to buy gemstones, there is one thing that is often neglected – the care. Yes, how to upkeep the gemstone to maintain continuous benefits that are an important question. Red onyx stone healing properties would be restored when rinsing it under running water once every two weeks. You can also keep it underground overnight in order to restore red onyx healing properties.

Get Red Onyx Ornaments Power

How Red Onyx Can Heal Your Body?

Red onyx healing properties have a deep impact on your body. It heals any condition associated with the eyes, kidneys, and scalp. If someone is suffering from soft tissue-related ailments, dental ailments, or bone marrow diseases, red onyx might be the right choice. Any kind of physical damage related to the cell can be recovered with red onyx healing properties. If you are planning to lose weight, then the red onyx stone could be a great support for you. Diseases like glaucoma and epilepsy can be cured with onyx stone.

The healing properties of onyx are the fact that everyone accepts so never believe in the red onyx myth like the ancient Chinese. As you take refuge in Red onyx, you would soon realize in its power that it works irrespective of your age. With this magnificent stone, your joint and muscle pain would be reduced so does the growth pain in kids. This is the reason most athletes wear the onyx stone to alleviate pain and heal the damages caused during sports activities.

Red Onyx Jewelry with beautiful pearl

Where To Buy Red Onyx Jewelry?

Red onyx jewelry could be an amazing addition to your collection. But, as said to get the maximum out of red onyx one needs to choose natural, not artificial stone. Which is why your research does before buying this precious stone? An elegant piece of handcrafted red onyx jewelry perfectly complements your style senses. Whether it is a ring or bracelet, onyx jewelry looks so dazzling when you wear it. There are stores that wholesale red onyx gemstone, but choose your favorite jewelry only from the certified shop.

Beautuful Red Onyx Jewelry Set
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